Feb 21, 2011

4. Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola, medium

Sweet. Not like "omg YES!" sweet, but super-dee-duper, bordering on diabetic shock sweet. I really couldn't even taste the Coke, to be honest with you, and the vanilla was really just a hint, but this was definitely very very cherry.

Location: Phillipsburg, NJ

Feb 19, 2011

3. Green Apple Slush, medium

This drink did not disappoint. I've been craving one of these since I remembered that it was on the menu. It was perfectly sweet and perfectly tart and it was absolutely wonderful. I'm glad that I gave this a shot, because mmmmmmm so feckin' good.

Location: Nazareth, PA

Feb 13, 2011

2. Vanilla Orange Fanta, medium

I know that it's a relatively new Sonic, and with that in mind I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, I had high hopes about this drink going into ordering it. I thought it was going to be very orange creamsicle-like in its taste, but actually it kind of just tasted like flat orange Fanta. If you do take the plunge and order this, and would actually like to taste the vanilla, ask for a double shot and see what happens.

Location: Phillipsburg, NJ

Feb 11, 2011

1. Ocean Water Slush, medium

Ocean Water is what it says on the Sonic menu, but few know what an Ocean Water is just going to Sonic on a casual basis. For those of you who aren't in the know, Ocean Water is nothing more than Sprite and their blue coconut syrup. And it's actually really good. See, what I expected from the blue was raspberry or that mixed berry that Slurpees taste like, but no. There is definitely a hint of coconut, which is definitely a nice change.

Location: Nazareth, PA