Mar 14, 2011

10. Chocolate Strawberry Shake, small

My girlfriend had tried a chocolate strawberry something-or-other in the past, and I had no idea what it was. So, when asking her, I added the word "shake" to it. And thus, this magical concoction was created. For a fast food restaurant, their shakes are incredibly thick, but so totally worth the headache you get from trying to sip at one.

Location: Nazareth, PA

9. Strawberry Coca-Cola, medium

Strawberry makes anything better. This is further proof. If Coke actually bottled and sold this, I think it would be my second favorite product (behind Vanilla Coke, of course). At first you can't taste the strawberry, but the after taste is definitely fruity, and coupled with with strawberry chunks under the ice in the glass? Mmm. Just.. mmm.

Location: Nazareth, PA

Mar 11, 2011

8. Watermelon Lemonade, medium

I.. am truly sorry that I didn't get a larger one of these. This.. was like summer in a glass. Summer. In. A. Glass. I can't even explain how awesomely amazing this drink was, so all I recommend is that you get your balls out to Sonic and order one.

Location: Nazareth, PA

Mar 6, 2011

7. Chocolate Orange Fanta, medium

Now, hear me out. People like chocolate oranges, correct? Well, I used that philosophy on my drink order today and, I won't lie, it was kind of iffy. You do have to stir it up because the chocolate does have a tendency to settle to the bottom and get goopy, but if you like those crack and unwrap chocolate oranges, I recommend this drink.

Location: Nazareth, PA

Mar 3, 2011

6. Strawberry Dr. Pepper, medium

This is an old favorite of mine. I have no idea what prompted me to order this the first time that I did, but for a while it was the only drink that I would order (this and a vanilla Coke), mainly because it has the spice of a Dr. Pepper, but at the same time the sweetness of the strawberries (of which there are chunks at the bottom of the drink). Enjoy this one.

Location: Nazareth, PA

Mar 1, 2011

5. Pineapple Orange Fanta, medium

It was kind of picking at my brain for a couple of days, of how this might taste and how terrible it might actually be. Well, actually.. it's not. It's actually a lot better than I'd anticipated, and I would definitely recommend this drink if you enjoy the taste of exotic orange juices.

Location: Phillipsburg, NJ